Customer Pictures...
Updated: 11/02/2004

Below you will find some pictures of Hi-Tec Designs' products as installed on customer vehicles. These include pictures of the Windscreen Lights (both the latest digital version, as well as the original analog version), Mini Lights, Footwell Tubes, and Brakelight Tubes. In some cases, the images shown do not do justice to the true brightness of the LEDs.

Please note the following pictures are a mixture of images taken by both customers and Hi-Tec Designs. The pictures were taken with everything from $10 disposable cameras to $1,000+ digital SLRs, therefore, picture quality varies. Credit has been given to the owner and/or photographer, wherever possible. Many thanks to the S2000 and 350Z owners of and who provided invaluable feedback during the design of our initial product line.

Every attempt has been made to portray the brightness of the products as accurately as possible (when the image was provided by Hi-Tec Designs/Dedrick Photography). Those of us at Hi-Tec Designs highly stress that our products are not the typical low-brightness and low-quality LED systems often found on store shelves today. These are high-brightness components, and discomfort may result from directly viewing the LEDs.

Animated GIF of pics provided by Dedrick Photography -- Footwells in Blue/Purple/Red

Pic provided by Jason B (on -- Screen in white

Animated GIF of pics provided by Dedrick Photography -- Footwells in Aqua/Green

Pic provided by Ravenwerk (on -- Screen in blue

Animated GIF of pics provided by Dedrick Photography -- Engine bay in multiple colors

Pic provided by The_Mendii (on -- Screen in white

More pics will follow as we're able to find the time (or customers send them in). We will be attending Hot Import Nights in Miami mid-December, which means a lot of products are going to be installed in local cars. Expect quite a few pics to come out of that.

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